Besides being a technologist, I'm also a creative. I've written screenplays, short stories, comics and written for some of the biggest publishers on the biggest franchises such as Star Wars. When I write a pitch for a story for a publisher I invest everything into. I put a lot of thought and emotion in my stories. A lot of the time these pitches and stories get greenlit but due to external factors are then pulled. This is how it is in the creative world and as a result, I'm often let down wondering what went wrong and so forth. I questioned myself as to how I can still use my imagination, writing capabilities and still have an impact on a community.

That is why I have started "JimmyTV" a youtube educational channel for toddlers and kids (ages 2-6). Making learning fun, teaching and inspiring the next generation by teaching them the skills they need today for the skills they will need tomorrow.

My eighth video is a song I wrote and directed about dinosaurs. It's called the "Dino Sing-along Dinosaur Song" which teaches kids all about different dinosaurs. If you have kids please feel free to share this channel with them or if you know anyone who would like it please share it with them. Any support is appreciative.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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