My 2018 reflection

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

As 2018 comes to a close. I reflect at some of the highs and lows. This was one of the biggest years to date professionally. My series "A Fractured Mind" was released, I launched my webcomic series "The Misfits" and published 28 episodes/issues as well as write over 70 issues for the series. I even had a crack at drawing the series myself. Oh and I wrote three Star Wars comics, something I still can't believe.

Some of my 2018 highlights

In 2019, I will be releasing my cybercrime thriller "Zero Day Threat", working on more Star Wars comics as well as more Disney properties. The misfits will be expanding it's brand and I hope to release at the end of the year my romantic comedy comic "Sick in love".

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Besides being a technologist, I'm also a creative. I've written screenplays, short stories, comics and written for some of the biggest publishers on the biggest franchises such as Star Wars. When I wr