Hard Work pays off - part 2

Welcome back everyone to my "Hard work pays off" series. This is the second part of the series where I will be documenting my journey on how I ended up writing in a galaxy far far away. Incase you missed the first part you can find it here.

After I had already self published two volumes of my own comic series I knew I had to start looking at bigger things if I wanted to take writing seriously. I knew my goal was to be a comic book writer and knew if I wanted to achieve this goal I would need to travel to where the industry was, in the States.

In 2011 my friend and I travelled to Wondercon (which is one of the largest convention in the States). There I went around handing out flyers for my Vengador series, meeting editors, artists who were also exhibiting at the convention. This was a very daunting task, going up to people, introducing myself and telling them why I was there. However that experience would later help me in everyday life. At night I would go out and meet more people from the convention at various bars. Eventually I met a whole bunch of people who worked at DC Comics, Marvel and IDW. From that I managed to exchanged emails with a number of people and build friendships which I still maintain today, one of those friendships being with Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, C.O.W.L, Power Rangers). Kyle was nice enough to check my work and provided a lot of positive feedback.

I was extremely nervous meeting editors and showing them my work. What if they didn’t like it? Or what if they said I was so bad I had no potential? These were the thoughts that would rush into my head throughout the entire trip. However the feedback I received was positive. I took their feedback head on, made sure I got all their contact details, worked on my craft and kept on improving my relationships with those industry professionals.

From that moment I continued working on my series Vengador. Things were looking good, however things were about to take a turn for the worse.

Next week I will talk about my struggles with depression and how I used it as a tool of inspiration to get my first published book.

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